About Us

Our mission is to give people a choice to live a healthy lifestyle by eating clean. Raikes Farms is dedicated to serving the healthiest deli meats and cheeses on the market. Our products are clean with such attributes as being:

Fat Free
Casein Free
No Nitrites/Nitrate Free
Certified Gluten Free
Non Injected
Antibiotic Free
Vegetarian Grain Fed
USDA Choice
Product of USA
No Trans Fats
High Protein
Low Carb
No Growth Hormones
Rbst Free
No Preservatives
No Fillers
No Binders
No Artificial Ingredients

Over 90% of Americans eat sandwiches and/or salads every day. With the vast majority indulging in cold cuts and cheeses, it's a smart choice to eat the healthiest products available on the market.

Adding fresh vegetables on whole wheat multigrain bread to our meats and cheeses makes a great meal for all your loved ones to enjoy. Raikes Farms is not only healthy for you, it's incredibly delicious too.
Renowned chefs have tasted and love the Raikes Farms brand.

Raikes Farms is dedicated to educating people on what is good for their body and protecting against cancer and other diseases stemming from environmental pollution in our own food industry.

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